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SOAP Fault Assertion

Soap Fault Assertion is used to check whether the last received response is a soap fault. The response XML will be a soap fault when any fault in request input.

For other commonly used assertions in soap, check Assertions in SOAP.

In this example, we have passed the input values as '?' (invalid input), and we got soap fault response.

Let's create SOAP Fault Assertion,

The Soap Fault assertion passed.

Not SOAP Fault Assertion:

This Assertion is used to check whether the last received response is Not a soap fault.

Let's add Not Soap Fault Assertion,

As the SOAP response is a Fault message, the Not SOAP Fault failed.

Now let's pass valid input values in request, and valid response is fetched. Now we could see, the SOAP Fault is failed and Not SOAP Fault is passed.

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