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Properties in SOAP UI

Properties are generally used to parameterize the execution and functionality of tests. In Soap UI, properities can be defined in three levels

  1. Global properties

  2. Project level

  3. Test Suite/ Test case level

1. Global properties:

Global properties can be accessed by selecting File -> preferences-> global properties.

By clicking the '+' icon, we can add properties by entering user defined Name and value.

2. Project Level:

To add project level properties, double click on project Name -> custom properties -> click the + icon to add property name and Value.

3. Test Suite Level:

To access test suite level properties, double click on the Test Suite name, TestSuite Properties tab appears.

Click on Custom Properties and click '+' icon to add properties.

Test Case level:

To access Test Case level properties, right click on Test Steps -> Add Step -> Properties test step.

Set the desired name for the test step.

Properties tab appears, Click on the '+' icon to add properties.

To access the properties in test requests, please refer link.

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