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Integrating Cypress with IDE

You can choose any IDE that supports Java Script. As per the, the typescript support is built in the following IDE's.

  1. Visual Studio Code

  2. Visual Studio

  3. WebStorm.

You can use other IDE's as well as you are comfortable. But you need to do additional setup based on the IDE you choose. Here is the list of extra setup need for other code editors. You can check that link to configure the IDE you chose.

In our tutorial, we are going to use Visual Studio code to do rest of our testing.

1. Download Visual studio code from its official site, accept the terms and click next to install it in your PC.

2. Once installed, click File -> Open folder and select the path where you have your cypress installed.

3. You can now see the Integration folders, package.json, package-lock.json and other folders has been shown in your IDE.

Now you have your setup ready! It's time to run your code.

4. To open Cypress TestRunner, you can either use cmd (command prompt) or use the built in terminal in visual studio code. To open a terminal first, click on Terminal menu, and select New Terminal to open a new terminal.

5. You can see a terminal opened, and type any of the command we have seen in our previous blog to open cypress Test Runner.

Here i am using the following command,

npx cypress open


In this blog, we have learned how to integrate cypress with IDE, and how to open test runner from terminal. Happy Testing!!

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