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Installing Eclipse and setting up maven Step-by-step tutorial

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Step 1 : Download Eclipse

You can download latest version of eclipse from

Step 2: Set the workspace and Eclipse opens with its welcome screen

Step 3: Install Maven

Click Help -> Install New software...

Enter the url "" in work with tab to download maven.

click Next.

Accept the agreement and finish installation.

Restart Eclipse to create your first Maven project.

Step 4: Create New Maven Project

Click File-> New -> Maven Project

Search for "maven-archetype-quickstart" and hit next.

Mention Group Id and Artifact Id

Click Finish and you could see the project created under Project Explorer tab.

Open Pom.xml, add required dependencies, select Run As -> Maven clean and Maven Install.

and In console, we could see BUILD SUCCESS.

Congratulations!!! You are done setting up your new eclipse and Configured Maven Successfully. Happy Coding!

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