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Getting Started with SOAP UI

Before getting started, if you have not installed SOAP UI then refer Install SOAP UI link for installing the software.

To start with a new project, we need a WSDL. Let's start creating a new project with an example WSDL

  1. Click File -> New SOAP Project -> Enter the available WSDL and click OK. You can see the request XMLs displayed under Project Navigator section.

In this example, we have WSDL for calculator operations.

2. When we click on the request under available services, we could see request XML without data being passed. And when we execute the tests, the response XML appears with message "server was unable to read request".

3. Let us try passing the data in Add request and see output displayed in response XML.

Addition of the input values passed is been displayed correctly in response XML.

Hope you had fun working on your first SOAP request. Happy Learning!!!

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