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Check If Two String Arrays are Equivalent

Given two string arrays word1 and word2, return true if the two arrays represent the same string, and false otherwise.

A string is represented by an array if the array elements concatenated in order forms the string.

Example 1:

Input: word1 = ["ab", "c"], word2 = ["a", "bc"]
Output: true
word1 represents string "ab" + "c" -> "abc"
word2 represents string "a" + "bc" -> "abc"
The strings are the same, so return true.

Example 2:

Input: word1 = ["a", "cb"], word2 = ["ab", "c"]
Output: false

Example 3:

Input: word1  = ["abc", "d", "defg"], word2 = ["abcddefg"]
Output: true


  • 1 <= word1.length, word2.length <= 103

  • 1 <= word1[i].length, word2[i].length <= 103

  • 1 <= sum(word1[i].length), sum(word2[i].length) <= 103

  • word1[i] and word2[i] consist of lowercase letters.

class Solution {
    public boolean arrayStringsAreEqual(String[] word1, String[] word2) {
        String wordOne="", wordTwo="";
        for(String a:word1)
        for(String b:word2)
        return (wordOne.equals(wordTwo));

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