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Basic Terminal commands in Cypress

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Here we are going to cover most frequently used terminal commands.

1. The first command we gonna use in to open the Cypress Test Runner,

npx cypress open

2. To run all the tests in integration folder

npx cypress run

3. To run specific test under integration folder

npx cypress run --spec "path of your test"

4. To run the test with browser from terminal

npx cypress run --spec "/path/test.js" --headed

5. To run the test headless

npx cypress run --spec "/path/test.js" --headless

6. To run the test in specified browser

npx cypress run --spec "/path/test.js" --browser "chrome"

7. To learn all run commands / Help

npx cypress run --help

8. To have the information of browsers installed

npx cypress info

9. To verify whether cypress installed correctly or not

npx cypress verify

10. To know the version of cypress

npx cypress version

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