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Access properties in test cases in SOAP UI

To create properties in different levels, please refer Properties in SOAP UI.

  1. Accessing Global Properties:

Let's get the value of intA from global properties. To get the global property, right click on request XML -> Get data -> Global

When Global is pointed, we could see the created properties listed, From the list select the required property name.

Now we can see, the value from global property is been passed through the request XML.

or global property can also we called by simply mentioning the syntax inside request XML


2. Accessing property from Test Suite:

To access Test suite property, right click -> Get data ->Test Suite [your testsuite Name] ->properties will be shown. Select the required property.

Now we can see the property value passed inside request XML. Or this can be accessed by the following syntax,


3. Accessing property from Project:

properties from project can also be accessed by above method, by right click -> get data -> project and select from the list.

Or by using following syntax,


In this example, we have created the property for endpoint in project level. and accessed the endpoint via property value.

After passing the value from property, when checking the Raw tab, we could see the endpoint being passed and correct response is retrieved as expected.

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